The files listed below are videos that comprise the “Cui Bono?” video series detailing the unlawful misconduct and malfeasance of FDOT District 7 and the Pasco County Metropolitan Planning Organization with regards to the FDOT US41@SR54 Preliminary Development and Environment (PD&E) Study and Pasco MPO Vision 54/56 Study.

The patented parallel flow intersection (PFI) was an official alternative in both studies. Both agencies engaged in coordinated campaigns to misrepresent the selected single point urban interchange (SPUI) alternatives as falsely positive and misrepresent the PFI alternatives as falsely negative. They covered-up the severe congestion the SPUI signal on US41 will experience and sabotaged the PFI alternative by refusing to follow GFParsons PFI specifications and completely ignoring or dismissing all GFParsons objections to their dishonest treatment of the PFI.

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