Greg Parsons (dba GFParsons) obtained a United States patent (U.S. Patent No. 7,135,989) for the parallel flow intersection (PFI) in 2006.

The patent is not a copyright. Anyone and any agency is free to include depictions of the PFI in research, studies, designs, planning and for educational purposes. The PFI cannot be constructed and opened to traffic without permission from GFParsons.

Agencies interested in using the PFI are encouraged to contact GFParsons early in the planning process for assistance. GFParsons has unique experience analyzing capacity and developing geometry of the PFI in addition to 30 years of transportation engineering experience.

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GFParsons does not request request royalties to use the PFI.

Compensation is based on two scenarios: 1) An agency approaches GFParsons; and 2) GFParsons makes an unsolicited proposal to agency to include in a specific ongoing project.

Scenario 1) An agency approaches GFParsons.

If an agency approaches GFParsons with the intention of studying the PFI as an alternative or selecting the PFI as a preferred alternative for implementation, GFParsons seeks an engineering fee based on time and expenses.

Scenario 2) GFParsons makes an unsolicited proposal to agency.

In this situation, the agency has a project ongoing at some level of development and GFParsons makes an unsolicited proposal to use the PFI after GFParsons has determined the PFI could be a feasible alternative. For this situation, the fee GFParsons seeks with respect to use of the PFI if it is selected is based on project savings. Under no circumstances does GFParsons expect compensation that increases the PFI alternative cost higher than another alternative. GFParsons expects in most cases the PFI to be the lowest cost alternative. The patent fee could be based on a per trip basis or percentage of cost savings depending on the project.

Agencies can reduce the cost of using the PFI by including it in their projects upfront. Don’t wait for GFParsons to bring the PFI to the agency.