The following is my case against the Florida Department of Transportation District 7 and Pasco County Metropolitan Planning Organization of knowingly and intentionally committing, as applicable—official and engineering misconduct under Florida Statutes 838 and 471, respectively; and violations of the U.S. False Claims Act (FCA) and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) on the US41/SR54 Preliminary Development & Environment Study and Vision 54/56 Study Phase 2. Created 23-Oct-2023.

This 13-part video series titled “Cui Bono?” is my account of unlawful misconduct and acts of malfeasance causing grievous harms to me, the public, the taxpayers, community of Land O’Lakes, and the environment by the Florida Department of Transportation District 7 in Tampa and the Pasco County Metropolitan Planning Organization. The course of events I document here began in July-2014 and continued through Feb-2023. With these videos and cited email archives, I make my case against these officials and their respective consultants who I name herein.

Their misconduct will have cost me and my family $57 million. No attorney will represent me since I can only afford their services on a contingency basis. In the State of Florida, public officials have sovereign immunity meaning the State and County must give their permission to be sued. And even if I win, to receive an amount in damages greater than $300,000 requires an act by the Florida Legislature and Governor’s signature. But if I lose the case, I could be held liable for the government’s legal costs. Sovereign immunity is nothing less than a license to steal which these corrupt politicians and bureaucrats take full advantage.

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Below is a table of contents with links to the associated video and start time on the GFParsons YouTube channel.

SectionVideo / TimeYouTubeTitle
101 00:00:00Pasco MPO Board meeting clips of MPO Board and FDOT District 7 Secretary Gwynn laughing at GFParsons and the PFI
201 00:06:06Cui Bono?
301 00:06:55The high cost of their corruption...
401 00:08:22The following is my case against FDOT District 7 and Pasco County MPO {title slide}
501 00:09:14Abbreviations
601 00:09:30Project summary
701 00:24:34About Greg Parsons, PE
801 00:26:51Brief overview of the Parallel Flow Intersection (PFI)
901 00:39:54Differences between PFI and CFI... they are not the same!
1002 00:00:00Without question the PFI serves the public and taxpayers best... {SPUI vs PFI compared}
1102 00:25:01Build alternatives by PD&E stage
1202 00:36:08GFParsons PFI Concept Proposal for Value Engineering (Feb-2016)
1302 00:52:27My Mar-2016 PFI presentation to the Vision 54/56 East and West Task Forces {video}
1403 00:00:00Mean girls of FDOT District 7 and the Pasco MPO
1503 00:30:07My proposal to District 7 to expedite the PD&E--reasonable and ignored
1604 00:00:00Summary of District 7 and Pasco MPO misconduct and malfeasance towards me, the public, and taxpayers
1704 00:43:24Statutes FDOT District 7 and Pasco MPO violated
1805 00:00:00Harms caused by FDOT District 7 and Pasco MPO unlawful misconduct
1905 00:05:21Personal cost of District 7 and Pasco MPO unlawful conduct
2005 00:22:48Speculation on their motives for breaking the law
2105 00:28:06Corrupt public officials [names of those I accuse]
2205 00:49:46Project location is US41/SR54 intersection... {map with names of corrupt politicians}
2305 00:57:50Corrupt public officials (cont.) [more names]
2406 00:00:00FDOT District 7 improper SPUI selection and PFI rejection
2506 00:10:05US41 (south of SR54) and SR54 (east and west) are on the FDOT Strategic Intermodal System (SIS)
2606 00:20:25SPUI unequal vs PFI equal user benefits between US41 and SR54
2706 00:26:36Legal, procedural, and ethical rule-based framework governing FDOT alternatives development...
2806 01:07:37Why was the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 enacted? [Google Bard]
2906 01:11:31Does NEPA require that when federal funds are used, the state or local agencies must... {Google Bard}
3006 01:20:26Does NEPA require that when evaluating alternatives, the state or local agency do... {Google Bard}
3107 00:00:00District 7 PD&E Study... in deception
3207 00:07:29The Machiavellian Pasco MPO Vision 54/56 Study
3308 00:00:00Pasco MPO Board irrational, close-minded fixation on a grade-separation at US41/SR54 intersection
3408 00:08:45The required process to convert the FDOT classification of roadway from non-freeway to freeway
3508 00:17:50FDOT District 7 US41/SR54/Land O'Lakes Blvd at SR54 Feasibility Study Public Workshop Build Alternatives {title slide}
3608 00:26:01The PFI alternative was intentionally designed to fail, first by the MPO, then by District 7
3709 00:00:00FDOT District 7 US41/SR54 Feasibility Study / Alternative 1 - SPUI
3809 00:05:57SPUI alternative 2045 AM peak hour at 54-minute mark
3909 00:10:45FDOT District 7 US41/SR54 Feasibility Study / Alternative 3 - CFI with Overpass
4009 00:18:41District 7 refuses to admit CFI alternative is not feasible
4109 00:27:17FDOT District 7 US41/SR54 Feasibility Study / Alternative 2 - PFI
4209 00:32:43GFParsons correctly designed PFI v4.1
4309 00:34:27GFParsons presentation to Pasco MPO Board 12-Jan-2023
4410 00:00:00Are Florida public officials required by law to hold public meetings... {Google Bard}
4510 00:04:41At a recent MPO Board meeting, one of the Board members revealed that she had a private meeting... {Google Bard}
4610 00:06:37Pasco MPO Board meeting Feb-2023, I called out FDOT fraud, they had me removed by a Pasco deputy and laughed {video}
4710 00:14:28My 3-minutes address to MPO Board 9-Feb-2023 {video}
4810 00:20:32FDOT District 7 presentation to Pasco MPO Board 9-Feb-2023
4911 00:00:00FDOT District 7 Secretary Gwynn gives five "reasons" to reject the PFI {video}
5011 00:22:45My response to Gwynn's unjustified excuses for rejecting the PFI
5111 00:36:59The [US41/SR54 project] has three build alternatives... is FDOT justified selecting the SPUI over the PFI? {Google Bard}
5211 00:40:04GFParsons PFI vs FDOT PFI ~ north bypass junction detail
5311 00:48:09GFParsons PFI vs FDOT PFI ~ west bypass junction detail
5411 00:53:07GFParsons PFI vs FDOT PFI ~ south bypass junction detail
5511 01:01:22GFParsons PFI vs FDOT PFI ~ main junction detail
5611 01:04:39US41/SR54 PFI alternative by GFParsons {video}
5712 00:00:00My angry email to Gwynn 7-Nov-2022 over their MPO Board presentation and improper SPUI selection
5812 00:06:55False reporting by the Tampa Bay Times
5912 00:18:02By-the-numbers comparison of FDOT SPUI and GFParsons PFI
6012 00:31:32Three conditions I would accept the PFI being rejected--none were met
6113 00:00:00A brief history of my US41/SR54 fee for FDOT to use my patented PFI
6213 00:23:09My responses to anticipated objections from FDOT and MPO to my claims
6314 00:00:00Epilogue