Hi there. My name is Greg Parsons, P.E., dba GFParsons, and I’m a transportation engineering consultant located in Greater Jacksonville, Florida. I have a 30 year career developing innovative and cost-effective solutions to improve capacity and safety of challenging traffic intersections and interchanges.

 Greg Parsons, P.E.

  • 30 years as a technical innovator, design engineer and project manager in transportation.
  • In 2004, invented the parallel flow intersection (PFI), a high capacity signalized urban intersection or service interchange. Received U.S. patent (7,135,989) for the PFI in 2006.
  • Chief engineer and project manager of preliminary development for several mega-projects involving capacity upgrade of urban Interstate and new freeway alignments.
  • Over 11 years experience in modern roundabout planning, analysis and design, multi and single lane.
  • Preliminary development and final design of urban and rural roadways, new alignments and widening, freeways and arterials.
  • Intersection and interchange specialization with emphasis on urban high-capacity interchange and intersection concept development.
  • Expertise in nontraditional junctions including the PFI, continuous flow intersection (CFI), modern roundabout, diverging diamond interchange (DDI) and superstreet.
  • Project manager and chief engineer for preliminary development of over $3.5 billion in roadway construction projects.
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