Welcome to the US-41 at SR-54 parallel flow intersection (PFI) resource page.

Here you will find information related to the PFI alternative GFParsons proposes for the
US-41 (SR-45) at SR-54 intersection in Land ‘O Lakes, Florida.

Contact GFParsons with any questions.

Watch a video simulation of the PFI (v3.0) at the US41/SR54 intersection.

Update 4-Dec-2017

On 30-Nov-2017, the VISION 54/56 Task Force ranked their top three alternatives as: No. 1 the PFI (Alt 8) without bridge, No. 2 the Elevated Express Lanes at Major Intersections (Alt 4), andNo.3 the CFI (Alt 7) with bridge. Next step is for MPO Board to vote to advance these alternatives to Phase 3 Preliminary Engineering.

Updated PFI Concept Plan (v3.1) for Pasco County, FL VISION 54/56 Phase 2
(based on new Design Year 2040 traffic volume).

Click image for downloadable pdf.

Pasco County, FL VISION 54/56 Phase 2 Task Force Workshop (10/26) Supplemental Information.

Click image for downloadable pdf.

Updated PFI Concept Plan (v2.0) for smaller footprint.


Click image for downloadable pdf.

Other useful links:

To learn more about the project background, visit the Florida Department of Transportation project website here.

For the community task force Vision 54/56 website here.

For general information on the PFI, visit the GFParsons PFI resource page on this website here.

GFParsons proposes the PFI as a value engineering alternative for FDOT to consider using on the subject project.

PFI Concept Plan (v1.0) (4 Mb pdf):

PFI Concept Plan

Download PFI Concept Proposal packet submitted to FDOT 2/26/2016 (updated 3/28/2016) here (65 Mb zip).

Vision 54/56 Task Force March 28 & 31, 2016 meeting handout (4 Mb pdf):