US-41 @ SR-54 PFI Concept Resource Page

Welcome to the US-41 at SR-54 parallel flow intersection (PFI) resource page.

Here you will find information related to the PFI alternative GFParsons proposes for the
US-41 (SR-45) at SR-54 intersection in Land ‘O Lakes, Florida.

Updated PFI Concept Plan (v2.0) for smaller footprint.


Click image for downloadable pdf.

Contact GFParsons with any questions.

Watch GFParsons’ six minute video presentation for Vision 54/56 task force or choose from the playlist to watch a microsimulation of the proposed PFI concept or compare PFI and SPUI Alternative 3A.

Other useful links:

To learn more about the project background, visit the Florida Department of Transportation project website here.

For the community task force Vision 54/56 website here.

For general information on the PFI, visit the GFParsons PFI resource page on this website here.

GFParsons proposes the PFI as a value engineering alternative for FDOT to consider using on the subject project.

PFI Concept Plan (v1.0) (4 Mb pdf):

PFI Concept Plan

Download PFI Concept Proposal packet submitted to FDOT 2/26/2016 (updated 3/28/2016) here (65 Mb zip).

Vision 54/56 Task Force March 28 & 31, 2016 meeting handout (4 Mb pdf):