OH-315 @ Hard Road ~ Columbus Ohio

OH-315 @ Hard Road ~ Columbus Ohio

Pictured above is the main junction at OH-315 and Hard Road.

The proto-parallel flow intersection (PFI) located at OH-315 and Hard Road in north Columbus, Ohio was opened in 2010. The design uses an existing road (Olentangy River Road) as the bypass road. While the design is not an integrated PFI with coordinated bypass junction, the main junction does generally conform to the geometry of a PFI main junction. Greg Parsons was the principle designer of this intersection and considers it a prototype of PFI.

The intersection is a T-type three leg junction. The signal operates efficiently using two-phases per signal cycle. The bypass junction at OH-315 and Olentangy River Road is a multi-phase four leg signalized intersection.

To find out more, please contact Greg Parsons using the GFParsons contact page.

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Overview (north points right)

Main junction at Hard Road traveling northbound on OH-315

Main junction at OH-315 traveling eastbound on Hard Road

Main junction at Hard Road traveling southbound on OH-315

Main junction at Olentangy River Road (bypass road) to right on Hard Road