US-41 @ SR-54 PFI Concept Proposal

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Create Date February 28, 2016
Last Updated July 5, 2016

US-41 @ SR-54 PFI Concept Proposal for value engineering.

Submitted to FDOT District 7 on 2/26/2016.

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Update 3/1/2016:

"Relative Pedestrian RiskĀ PFI, No-build and Alt 3A" comparing relative pedestrian safety between PFI, no-build existing intersection and FDOT 3A/C SPUI alternatives. (US41+SR54_pedsafety X-1.pdf added to .zip)


Update 3/2/2016:

Revised number of relocations estimated. Had six total estimated but corrected to 12 total estimated relocations. 10 less than Atl 3A and six more than Alt 3C. (Replaced PFI Concept Proposal.pdf with PFI Concept Proposal rev 1.pdf in .zip)


Update 3/28/2016:

Added to zip VISSIM input files. (65 Mb)